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Vallee Blanche

The Vallee Blanche is infamous among skiers.  

However, if you wish to ski the Vallee Blanche or any of the runs from the Aiguille du Midi, we require that you ski at least one day of off-piste with the guide beforehand.  The reason we do this, is because the terrain from the Aiguille du Midi is very committing and it is important that the guide is familiar with your skiing ability for safety reasons.  Also, if you are a strong skier it is much more enjoyable to do one of the more technical descents as opposed to the classic Vallee Blanche.   If you would like to book 2 or 3 days, we will take you to some of the other great off-piste terrain in the Chamonix valley and then take you to the Aiguille du Midi/Vallee Blanche.  However, keep in mind that we do not guarantee that you will get to ski from the Aiguille du Midi.  We choose where to ski each day based on the current conditions and go wherever the skiing is best. If the conditions are unsafe on the Aiguille du Midi we will not go up there.  With that said, we would be happy to show you a few good days of skiing around Chamonix. 

Find out more about off-piste skiing here, or email us with any questions.