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Greenland Heli Skiing

 7 day trip | Dates Available in April and May 2020 


  • Time & Dates

    • ​7 days

    • Dates available in April and May 2022

Contact us to sign up and plan your trip!

tel: +1-206-925-3991

After an amazing experience in Greenland a few years ago, Miles will be joining Hans Solmssen in Greenland for heliskiing again this spring.  Hans has been Heliskiing along the western coast of Greenland for 12 years now, and he thinks it is the best skiing he does all year (which is impressive for a guide who skis all over the world).  The runs are 2000 meters long and go right to the water's edge in deep powder and corn snow.


The trip is based from the small fishing village of Kangaamiut.  We rent houses from a few of the families, and gather together in the evening for home cooked meals.



Check out Hans' website for more pictures and let us know if you are interested in joining!

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