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Heliskiing in the Alps

Chamonix - Italy - Switzerland 

Adventure Heli Skiing is the ultimate heli ski experience.  After years of heli-ski guiding and opening terrain in Alaska, we have found that the Alps is one of our favorite places to heli-ski. What is unique and incredible in the Alps, is that you can be enjoying a high alpine heli-ski descent on a remote glaciated peak and then finish by skiing into a beautiful alpine village.  In the Alps, you have the option to stay in 1 zone and lap runs “Canadian style,” or you can do safari-style trips heli-skiing from village to village.   Where else in the world can you fly across the steep face of an iconic peak like the Matterhorn, get dropped on a 4000-meter glaciated peak and then ski into a picturesque village with world-class hotels and restaurants? 

At Smart Guides we offer some unique heli-ski options in the Alps, all trips are on a private basis only for individuals and small groups.  In the Alps we can heli-ski in Italy and Switzerland, even if based in Chamonix this gives us many options to fly from locations within a short drive and lots of flexibility for conditions and weather.  Our Chamonix-based heli-ski week is a great option to choose if you want to maximize your ski time, 4 heliski days and 2 off-piste ski days; you will ski in Chamonix from the iconic Aiguille du Midi cable car and heli-ski in both Italy and Switzerland. 

We also offer heli-ski safari's, which are unique point-to-point trips across the Alps, joining high glaciated peaks with long ski descents into beautiful Alpine villages and towns.  These trips are unrivaled in the experience they give you, to fly through the magnificent peaks of the Alps, land on a remote peak and ski a 2000m vertical descent then stay in a comfortable hotel each evening serving top-class cuisine. 


You need to contact us for a quote so we can help you put together your dream heli trip.

Heliskiing in the Swiss Alps
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