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Alpine Ski Touring

Spring is the prime season for ski touring and peak descents.  Whether you are interested in one of the classic ski tours such as the Haute Route, Berner Oberland, and Ortler, or something more off the beaten path, we can put together a great ski touring adventure for you.  We also guide ski descents of great peaks such as Mont Blanc and the Grand Paradiso. Our trips are offered on a custom basis only.  You put together a group of friends (up to 6 people) and pick the dates, and we will take care of the rest.  We can also adjust this trip to be longer if you wish to include a peak descent such as the Mont Blanc or Monte Rosa, or simply just a few more days of skiing.  Note that because some of these routes are very popular, the huts can fill up very fast so it is good to book as early as possible.  Here are some of our favorite tours to give you an idea of where to start.